Computer Science

Curso corto de programación básica usando JAVA. En este cursos los estudiantes desarrollan un programa para investigar un evento o problema. Se utiliza el método científico como base para el uso de sistemas computacionales.

CS Principles has been designed as a year-long high school course that fully addresses the seven "Big Ideas" of computer science and six "Computational Thinking Practices", as specified by the College Board's AP Computer Science Principles curriculum framework. The lessons and materials used throughout this course incorporate Project-Based Learning (PBL), a pedagogical approach that actively engages students in the educational process, improves retention, and develops problem solving, critical thinking, and group communication skills. Through this collaborative, learner-centric approach, students are encouraged to explore the advantages and societal impact of computational technology while developing their own programming and computational thinking skills. The class will over the fundamentals of computing, including problem solving, working with data, understanding the Internet, cybersecurity, and programming. The course is offered in English because AP test will be given in that language.